Divorce Payment Options

The divorce process can be funded publicly with legal aid for those who are eligible for it. However, Joyya Law Associates cannot undertake family law work on legal aid basis because we do not have legal aid franchise. You can contact a legal aid franchised law firm to asses your eligibility.

What if legal aid is not available?

Joyya Law Associates would be able to offer you low costs and fixed fees divorce packages.

What will be included in the fixed fees and what is the cost?

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The petitioner fixed fee includes all work from the preparation of the divorce papers to grant of Decree Absolute. The petitioner fixed fee is £475 plus VAT.

The respondent fixed fee includes all work necessary to complete the Acknowledgment up to and including receiving the Decree Absolute. The respondent fixed fee is £375 plus VAT.

What is not included in the fixed fee?

  • Court fees and Court Attendance.
  • Expenses charged by other professionals, for example the cost of obtaining a replacement marriage certificate and expert opinion.
  • Unforeseen circumstances and complexities, for example if the divorce becomes defended, or papers require amending, or a spouse fails to progress or cooperate with the divorce, or there are issues about divorce costs.
  • Any advice or correspondence relating to financial issues or concerning children.

In the circumstances where there is need for additional work which is not included within the fixed fee, our clients are immediately advised and no further expense is incurred until a new fee arrangement has been agreed. Variations from the agreed fixed fee will occur if the work needed has changed. If this happens our solicitors consider the change and impact upon the divorce process, and if developments fall outside the agreed plan of action then our clients are immediately notified in writing and retain the choice of accepting a new arrangement.

How to pay?

We are able to accept cash, cheque or payment by card.

We ask for payment of the fixed fee in full at the start of the case.

In certain circumstances, we can work on 'Fixed Fee' Basis & even on 'No Win No Fee' basis..