What to expect from the airlines

The claiming process on the surface looks easy to start with and the media have been very quick to recommend claiming for flight delay compensation directly with the airline, but the evidence shows that more often than not the airlines will:

  • Ignore your letters.
  • Say your claim is not valid, when it actually is.
  • Claim the delay was because of extraordinary circumstances.


You will then need to prove unequivocally that the claim is valid by going through the very expensive and laborious route of proving the delay was not down to extraordinary circumstances. Once you have gathered the evidence for this argument you will then need to attend a smalls claims court and battle against the airlines formidable legal teams.
The average cost for you taking this route is typically:

  • £750 for an official report to combat the extraordinary claim.
  • £150 average court fees.


A total of £900 to take your claim to court and face the airlines legal team yourself.

However if you are lucky enough to have your claim accepted, the airlines will usually:

  • Offer you a written apology
  • Offer you a small voucher (usually for food or drink)
  • Offer you a much lower value compensation then what you are entitled to (on average less then 50% of your entitlement)


A recent survey showed that over 75% of people attempting to claim for themselves were refused compensation by the airlines when they had a fully valid claim.

At Joyya Law Associates Solicitors, we are well known for taking on claims that have already been refused either directly by the airlines or through other claim companies.