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If you took out a loan, credit card or mortgage in the last 15 years you could have a claim for mis-sold PPI. Think about all the loans, credit cards and, store cards, car loan, mortgages you have had, as they could well have had PPI added to them without you even knowing.

If you don’t know whether you had PPI in most cases we can find out for you.

Not knowing they had PPI attached to their policy is a large contributing factor to a lot of our customers having had successful claims.

Usually we don’t even need your credit card number or your loan agreement number, just the name of your bank or credit card company to check if you had PPI.

If you don’t have PPI, it won’t cost you a penny!

Why put it off? – make your claim today.

Financial mis-selling can be defined as the inappropriate selling of a financial product to a customer without taking certain factors into account. You may be able to make a financial mis-selling claim if:

  • You were sold a financial product without your suitability being addressed
  • You were sold a financial product and the terms and conditions were not fully explained
  • You were sold a financial product in order to qualify for another financial service


Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is usually sold alongside other financial products, such as mortgages, loans, credit/store cards and also single product purchases, for example, a household item. PPI is an insurance policy which makes repayments on borrowing should you find difficult to keep up repayments for any reason.

However many of these policies have been mis-sold by brokers, lenders, including the banks. The policies are often added to the loan and can add thousands of pounds over the life of the loan.

Figures show that over millions Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) policies have been sold in the UK to millions of people, many of whom do not need or cannot use the insurance.

Mis-sold Mortgages

Mis-sold mortgages are where mortgages have been recommended without adequate care to ensure suitability. The repayment terms may be unrealistic or inappropriate i.e. you may have been told that you will not find a better deal elsewhere while the negligent Advisor knows this is not the case.

Interest rate swaps

Complex financial loans often sold to small to medium sized businesses, where the bank required the business to enter into an interest rate swap as a condition of getting the loan.

Risky investments

where the level of risk was not adequately explained to you.


where hard selling and misrepresentation induced an inappropriate sale

Mis-sold Pensions

Where customers were advised to transfer from a final salary occupational pension into a less secure private pension; where pensioners were advised to take out self invested pensions (SIPPS) without adequate advice.

If you have been a victim of mis-selling of any of above products, then you are entitled to claim your money back you have paid plus interest.

We provide free initial advice and pursue PPI claims on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis under what is known as a Contingency Fee Agreement or a “CFA”. Under CFA, you do not pay us if you lose your case and if you win, you will pay us 20% (most of claim handlers charge 25%) from the compensation you have been granted plus VAT. Change your mind and you’ll be charged anyway.

Sign a contract to start a claim, but decide to go it alone at some point, and they’ll still want their cut.

We can confirm that you do not pay us any upfront fees in respect of our charges for pursuing your PPI claim and there are no hidden charges.

If we are unsuccessful in recovering any compensation from the opponent financial institution for your claim, you do not pay us anything under the terms of the ‘No Win No Fee’ Contingency Fee Agreement for the work that we have done on your case.

When we assess your case we will explain all options available to you, including the possibility of you making your PPI claim yourself. It is relatively easy to do so utilising the various sources of free help available including the Financial Ombudsman Service (FoS) consumer helpline.

However, some people choose to instruct a solicitor to handle their PPI claim instead as they want to save their time and effort involved in pursuing the claim or because they have difficulties in communication or understanding financial matters. If you are such a person then JLA will be happy to assist you on a ‘No Win No Fee’ Contingency Fee Agreement basis.

By agreeing to instruct us to pursue your PPI claim on a ‘No Win No Fee’ Contingency Fee Agreement basis, you understand that you had the option of pursuing your PPI claim through Financial Ombudsman Service (FoS) yourself.

Our ‘No Win No Fee’ PPI claims service does not extend to representing you in making a claim against the opponent financial institution by way of Court Proceedings and instead our work is limited to reaching a settlement in respect of your PPI claim by way of (i) direct non-litigation negotiations failing which (ii) pursuing your PPI claim by way of submitting an application to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FoS) to adjudicate on whether you were mis-sold payment protection insurance by the opponent financial institution.

If you believe you have been mis-sold a financial product, you may be able to make a financial mis-selling compensation claim.

For more information on any of the above, please speak to a member of our team; phone 0161 835 1607 or get in touch via our online enquiry form.

Claim Back Your Mis-Sold PPI

  • Don’t know if you had PPI? Many of our customers didn’t even know they had PPI on their loan, credit card or mortgage.
  • You too might have been mis-sold PPI. To start the process to check if you had PPI, all we need is the name of your Bank.
  • It won’t cost you a penny if there is no PPI discovered! Time limits could be introduced on PPI claims!